Raf Makda - photographing architecture, interiors and the built environment.

I'm a specialist architectural and interiors photographer based in South London.

After studying Mechanical Engineering and working in the Civil Engineering field for several years, a career break followed. I travelled and spent a year living in Australia, during this time an interest in photography developed. Upon returning to the UK a short time was spend assisting before seeking commissions of my own. I mainly worked in the Press & PR field, on a freelance basis. Eventually, my long standing interest in construction and the built environment drew me in that direction. It has been my full time field of work for the last 18 years. During this time I have worked for a wide variety of clients, including architectural practices, property marketing agents, developers, builders, housing associations and the editorial press. I also took a break to build my own modernist house, where I currently live, in South Croydon.

Many of my images have been used by magazine and book publishers on a Worldwide basis.

For image syndication please contact      viewpictures.co.uk     (opens in new window)

Contact details:

Phone : +44 (0) 7973 634202

mail : mackassociates@outlook.com

Instagram : @mackphotos1

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