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Commissioning information & rates

mail: mackassociates@outlook.com

phone: +44 (0) 7973 634202

Please call or email initially to discuss any requirements you may have. It's useful to plan photography well in advance, there will be more time available to shoot when weather and light conditions are favourable. 

A site plan showing North is always helpful for planning exterior shots, plus a list of any specific views or details that may be needed.

As little as a single image can be supplied, all the way up to photographing a long term project that requires numerous site visits.

The rates below serve as a general guide and will depend on the type of usage, license duration, territory etc.

A fixed, project rate can also be negotiated and agreed upon in advance.

Single images from £175.00

Half-day rate from £400.00 - up to 6 images supplied.

Day-rate from £800.00 - up to 12 images supplied.

Overnight accommodation and flights are charged at cost. An advance payment may be requested where a job may entail significant up front expenses.

Mileage is charged at  45p/mile.

VAT will be added at the current rate.

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